McDonald’s $200 Gift Card – McDonald’s Monopoly New Zealand 2022

This page contains info on the McDonald’s $200 Gift Card prize for Macca’s Monopoly New Zealand! Or click here for our feature post with the latest game info, rare pieces and prize information!

Terms and Conditions

1. Each McDonald’s $200 Gift Card prize comprises of one (1) x eftpos prepaid gift card valued at $200.
2. The promotional partner for the McDonald’s $200 Gift Card prize is McDonald’s Restaurants (New Zealand) Limited and the Card is issued by Vii Pty Ltd ABN 83 619 963 263 (‘we/us/our’). In these conditions ‘you’ are the Card purchaser or user. Vii Pty Limited (“Vii”) is the issuer of the Card and authorises The Card Network (“TCN”) Pty Ltd ABN 87 626 501 568 to distribute the Card. 3. Using the Card, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. You must give these conditions to the user of the Card if that is not you. The Card remains our property.
4. This Card is an eftpos prepaid gift card that can be used for electronic transactions, to purchase goods and services with “EFTPOS” facilities who accept prepaid gift cards in New Zealand. This card cannot be redeemed online.
5. The Card will need to be activated once received. The card is valid from the date of activation. The relevant expiry period is printed on the back of your card. It is your responsibility to be aware of the expiry date.
6. This Card is not reloadable. To check the card balance, card expiry and full conditions of use, visit For balance enquiries, you will be required to enter both the Card Number and Access PIN on your Card prior to getting access to the card information. The Card cannot be used after expiry. At expiry, the remaining available balance will be forfeited. We will not give you any notice before this happens.
7. The Card cannot be used to make transactions that exceed the available balance. For such a transaction you need to pay the difference by another method if the merchant agrees. 8. eftpos prepaid Gift Cards cannot be used to obtain or redeem cash and cannot be used for making direct debit, recurring, or regular instalment payments
9. The Gift Card is like cash and may not be replaced if misused, lost, stolen or damaged.

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