KFC NZ Coupons, Deals & Vouchers in New Zealand (December 2019)

This page is updated with the latest KFC Coupons, Vouchers & Deals in New Zealand.

Latest KFC Coupons valid until 6 January 2020 (JPG / PDF)

List of KFC Coupon Deals

  • SNACK N’ DIP 5 Chicken Nuggets, reg Chips, any Dipping Sauce $5.00 PLU206
  • BEST OF BOTH 2pcs Secret Recipe Chicken, 2 Wicked Wings, reg Potato & Gravy, reg Chips, reg Drink $9.50  PLU306
  • DINNER DEAL 6pcs Secret Recipe Chicken, 2 Igo Chips, 2 Ige Drinks $22.00 PLU82
  • POPPIN’ CHICKEN Mini Popcorn Chicken, 2pcs Secret Recipe Chicken, reg Potato & Gravy, reg Chips. $9.00 PLU303
  • EMBRACE THE HEAT Zinger Burger, 2 Wicked Wings, reg Chips, reg Drink. ONLY $10.00 PLU68
  • PICNIC BUCKET 10pcs Secret Recipe Chicken, Ige Potato & Gravy, Ige Chips Igoe Coleslaw  ONLY $ 29.90 PLU305
  • SHAKE IT UP 1 Shaker Salad, 1pc Secret Recipe Chicken, ANY 1 reg Krusher $11.99 PLU167
  • THE ULTIMATE DATE Zinger Burger, Colonel Burger, 2 reg Potato & Gravy, 2 reg Chips, 2 Bread Rolls, 2 reg Drinks. $17.99 PLU304
  • SHARER’S DELIGHT 12pcs Secret Recipe Chicken, reg Popcorn Chicken, Ige Potato & Gravy, 2 Ige Chips, 1.5L Drink. ONLY $38.90 PLU119 

More KFC Deals, Coupons & Vouchers

DEAL: KFC Coupons valid until 6 January 2020DEAL: Gimme 5 - 5 Pieces of Chicken & Regular Chips for $9.99 (until 13 Dec)
DEAL: $3.99 Snack Box (Popcorn Chicken, Wicked Wings or Nuggets)DEAL: $2 Krushers from 2-4pm
DEAL: Free Toffee Pops or Large Side with Any Bucket Meal over $30
KFC Coupons, Vouchers & Deals

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