Cheeseburger or Sausage McMuffin – McDonald’s Monopoly New Zealand 2023

N603 sThis page contains info on the Cheeseburger or Sausage McMuffin prize for Macca’s Monopoly New Zealand! Or click here for our feature post with the latest game info, rare pieces and prize information!

Winning Message on Ticket Generic Ticket No. Winning Message on App RRP (higher value item) Max no. Prizes (Peeled) Max no. Prizes (App) Total RRP  (higher value item)



Terms and Conditions

34. If the Promotional Message revealed on the Entrant’s physical Ticket or Electronic Ticket is one of the “Winning Messages” in Column 3 (for Electronic Tickets) or Column 1 (for physical Tickets) of the table below (the “Instant Win Food Prize Table”), the Ticket or Electronic Ticket is a “Winning Instant Win Food Ticket”. The Winning Instant Win Food Ticket entitles the Entrant, subject to these Conditions of Entry, to claim one (1) of the corresponding prizes of the Instant Win Food Prize Table (each an “Instant Win Food Prize”):

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Detailed Prize Information: Free Hobby Session / Free Day Out / Free Sports Session