Ultimate Bahco Gardening Kit – McDonald’s Monopoly New Zealand 2020

Ultimate Bahco Gardening KitThis page contains info on the Ultimate Bahco Gardening Kit prize for Macca’s Monopoly New Zealand 2020! Or click here for our feature post with the latest game info, rare pieces and prize information!

Terms and Conditions

1. Each Ultimate Gardening Kit package prize comprises of:
◦ Bahco Expert Trowel (product code: P263)
◦ Bahco Expert Two point hoe (product code: P267)
◦ Bahco Expert One point hoe (product code: P268)
◦ Bahco Expert Daisy Grubber (product code: P269)
◦ Bahco Expert Weeding Fork (product code: P270)
◦ Bahco Expert Long border hoe (product code: P272)
◦ Bahco Expert Long border cultivator (product code: P274)
◦ Bahco Expert Long border rake (product code: P276)
◦ Bahco Expert Long border 2 point hoe (product code: P277)
◦ Bahco Expert Long border 1-point hoe (product code: P278)
◦ Bahco Professional Ergo medium handle secateurs (product code: PX-M2)
◦ Bahco Professional By-pass super light aluminum handle lopper (product code: P114-SL-50)
◦ Bahco Professional Long super light aluminum handle professional shears (product code: P51H-SL)
◦ Bahco Professional Hardpoint pruning saw (product code: 5124-JS-H)
◦ Bahco Open Tool box (product code: 3100TB)
◦ Bahco Carbide Sharpening Tool (product code: SHARP-X) and is valued at RRP $1150.98 Total value for one (1) x Ultimate Bahco Gardening Kit is RRP $1150.98 NZD at the time of printing
2. The Promotional Partner for the Ultimate Bahco Gardening Kit package prize is SNA E Australia (a division of Snap-On Tools Australia Pty Ltd) (ABN: 55 010 793 683).
3. All ancillary costs or accessories not expressly included in the Ultimate Bahco Gardening Kit package prize are the responsibility of the winners.
4. Distribution to New Zealand addresses only.
5. Once the Prize has left the Prize Provider or Creata’s premises, the Prize Provider or Creata takes no
responsibility for Prize being damaged, delayed or lost in transit.
6. The Prize Provider shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever which is suffered (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) or for any personal injury suffered or sustained in connection with any Prize Pack except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law (including the CCA).

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