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Burger King Creamy Mayo XL

NEWS: Burger King Creamy Mayo XL

For their latest promotion, Burger King have introduced the Creamy Mayo XL! The Creamy Mayo Cheeseburger XL comes with flame-grilled beef patty topped with a layer of melted cheese, pickles, yellow mustard, ketchup and...

McDip Milkybar

NEWS: McDonald’s – McDip made with Milkybar

For a limited time only, McDonald’s have introduced their McDip made with Milkybar! The McDip features McDonald’s classic soft serve dipped in a Milkybar coating, inside a waffle cone. It’s avaialble after 10:30am at...

KFC Kentucky Bucket NZ

NEWS: KFC Kentucky Bucket

KFC have introduced new Kentucky Buckets! There’s two buckets available: Regular: 12pcs Secret Recipe Chicken, any 3 large sides for $37.99 Large: 15pcs Secret Recipe Chicken, any 5 large side for $49.99 Prices may...