DEAL: KFC Coupons valid until 25 October 2021

Valid until 25 October 2021, KFC have brought out a new set of coupons!

List of KFC Coupon Deals

  • SNACK DEAL Snack Burger, 1x reg Chips. $4.49 Coupon Code PLU219
  • FAMOUS FIVE 5pcs Secret Recipe Chicken, Lge Chips, Lge Potato & Gravy, 2 Bread Rolls. $15.99 Coupon Code PLU54
  • BURGER BUNDLE 2 Colonel Burgers, 4pcs Secret Recipe Chicken, 2 reg Chips, 2 reg Potato & Gravy, and 2 reg Drinks. $25.99 Coupon Code PLU55
  • HOT ROD BOX 1 Zinger Burger, 3 Hot Rods, Reg Potato & Gravy, Reg chips and Reg Drink. $15.49. PLU343
  • BUCKET HEADS 10pcs Secret Recipe Chicken, 5 Wicked Wings, 2 Lge Chips, & 2 Lge Potato & Gravy. $33.99 Coupon Code PLU56
  • SHARER’S DELIGHT 12pcs Secret Recipe Chicken, reg Popcorn Chicken, lge Potato & Gravy, lge Chips, 1.5L Drink, and any 1 sauce. $39.99 Coupon Code PLU119

To try out the deal and to locate your closest KFC store, click here.

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DEAL: KFC Coupons valid until 25 October 2021NEWS: KFC Hot Rods are back
KFC Coupons, Vouchers & Deals  

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